The Art of Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Good nutritious food helps reach and maintain overall health by providing our bodies with protein, healthy fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. It is true that our health is not just dependent on healthy nutrition but also on fitness activities, sleep, our relationships, our state of mind, and our environment. However, it is important to understand that nutrition plays a major part in what makes up our lifestyle on daily basis.


Healthy nutrition reduces the risk of chronic diseases, allows our bodies to function well and helps maintain good balance between our chemical, mental and physical state. Over the years we’ve increasingly seen how unhealthy diets are contributing to conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. More and more people are developing food intolerances and autoimmune disorders. In many cases, these conditions are caused by eating a bad diet that consists of offending and health deteriorating foods. By incorporating some very simple positive health choices in your diet you can improve your health and protect yourself from these health problems.


What I recommend to my clients:


  1. Eat lots of colourful vegetables and fruit every day
  2. Drink plenty of purified water
  3. Opt for unhomogenised dairy products e.g. milk, yogurt
  4. If you are eating bread, eat whole grain bread that has gone through minimal processing (So none of that white bread silliness!)
  5. Eat a variety of lean proteins every week e.g. poultry, lamb, fish
  6. Cut back on saturated fats e.g. processed foods like cakes, ice creams, lollies, (I often tell my clients to incorporate smart eating habits when it comes these kind of foods, e.g. choose cakes/pastries that are NOT made from refined sugar. Replace butter and margarine with organic extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil – that way you’re eliminating this part of saturated fats from your diet altogether.)
  7. Eat healthy snacks e.g. nuts, fruit smoothies, raw vegetable in between meals rather than sugary and processed foods.
  8. Cut back on eating fast food (Remember fast food is made from unhealthy saturated fats, refined sugars and can contain GMOs. Your body doesn’t need that $hit)


Disclaimer: Some of the above recommendations are based on general healthy diet guidelines. Individually everyone is on a different health Journey and I recommend nutrition plans to people depending on where they are at with their health and what health goals they want to achieve. For example, if someone has any food intolerance e.g. dairy, then I wouldn’t recommend diary to be incorporated in their diet.