1st June 2018 – This is why I LOVE health & Lifestyle coaching SO Much!!! one of my pow-wow clients shared this that I wanted to share with my Art of Health Tribe. In just 6 months Ross has lost a healthy 10kg and now we have even BIGGER plans for him going into the 90 Day Maintenance Program.. Rock on Ross; you’re truly an inspiration









Asima has been providing me with guidance for over six weeks now and the program is working wonderfully with health and weight all improving.

She offers a fantastically holistic approach and the Skype sessions are perfect for me; no time spent getting to and from appointments!
I would not be doing as well as I am without her adult supervision!!!

Ross L.


The 90 day program had tremendous positive impact on me.

First of all, my diet and my eating habits changed dramatically and continuing to change,so that I experienced more healthy and happier days which affected in increased mental clarity,focus and better quality sleep.On the other side when I involved the relaxation and awareness around food, all other areas changed,I feel more grateful,appreciative for all the people,situations and places that I am . The second thing that I am thankful is that after 2 months consistent yoga practices I started to see feelingly much more good and beauty around me. Now when I am slowing down nice and steady and not getting involved so much in multitasking as before and feel even more productive and satisfied.I learned that I am not perfect and I will never be,but I like myself like that because I am in the process of continuing work on myself.

I got more sureness how to take better self-care and self-love.I took a fabulous trip that I was able to experience a 3 day peaceful heaven ,as good quality food,beautiful view dinners,beach walks,spa,relax and etc. On the other happy side I also lost 8 pounds and now with all of the breathing techniques in the sessions I am seeing myself more spiritual and creative.
Thank you so much about that magical program 

Adriana D.

Hello everyone,

Asima has been an amazing Health Coach.  I’ve been working with Asima for the past 6 months now, she is so passionate, determined and knowledgable about Health.

I’ve been blown away by how Asima has empowered and inspired me, to ask for better, to positively change my behaviours and to become a stronger version of myself.

I totally recommend Asima as a Coach, who can help you change your life. Empower yourself today. The Art of Health can help.

Lisa O

I have been working on one on one with Asima and received many great tips and advice from her!

She is very dedicated and a great listener. Asima is very professional and fun to work with!

Caroline P.

I would just like to say thank you Asima for helping me get to where i am today. 3 months ago I was struggling with poor diet and exercise routines and generally just not having a healthy routine, Asima you have helped me reinvigorate myself and get me to living a more positive healthy lifestyle with a great routine. I am a lot happier then what i was 3 months ago and love talking to someone to install such positivity and goals each week. Thank you Asima!

Patrick W.

Dear Asima, please may I take this opportunity to say a very big thank you following my breakthrough session with you.
Your natural ability to coach from a Transformational aspect really helped me look at things from a different perspective.
You did not give me advice or tell me what to do but expertly guided me in looking at what was happening within my mind and body.
Following the session I spent a long time reflecting on what was uncovered within the session and was able to make some life changing decisions that had previously been dragging me down.

I can’t thank you enough for that light bulb moment. I will be eternally grateful to you. Xx

Sheila L.



I just wanted to take this space to talk a bit about Asima and my experience with her as a coach and as a fellow student with whom I have shared on various occasions.

Asima is very bright, well versed and open to learning, growing and sharing what she’s learned, especially with those who have specific need of her expertise. It’s been a pleasure to spend time with her sharing, co-coaching and learning together. She has a good handle on what she’s doing and is very motivated to use her gifts and knowledge to help others.

We did a breakthrough session several months ago that was really eye-opening for me. She exhibited a good deal of skill in guiding me through the session and I had a few ah-ha’s along the way. 

I find Asima has a strong desire to help her clients experience breakthrough and to help them discover their own inward motivation while providing good tools to continue their growth.

Thanks, Asima, for the time, energy and professionalism you’ve exhibited in all of our sessions together.

Nurit A.

I am truly amazed how much the 90-Day Transformation Program impacted my health, my body and me as a person! Having been coached with small weekly successes, I gained more focused, determination and confidence, and my body is slimmer and more energized. Having a coach who understood, supported, and stretched me was my saving grace. The program AND a personal coach enabled me to FINALLY get the results I was looking for. I discovered what my sabotaging story was, accepted future ‘me’ and was then able to move forward reaching all 4 of my goals! I am so grateful for the 90-Day Transformation and my personal coach!

Charleen C.


This program has completely changed the way I do health. Not only do I feel better in my body, my whole view on life has been transformed. I’m curious about my health challenges and missteps, not judgmental or critical of myself. Each day, I am able to apply what I’ve learned in all areas of my life, not just to food or exercise. On the especially difficult days, I’m able to approach challenges with compassion for myself, more peace, less binging, and I can thrive regardless of my circumstances. Thank you SO much for this program!

Julie W.


The 90 day program has been essential to the beginning of my health journey. As a young mom to 3, 3 and under, I used sugar as my crutch. I was ridiculously addicted, eating chocolate daily. I used it for energy, for relaxing, for euphoria on stressful days. I’d hide it and eat it. Then I’d hide the wrapper from my husband. My husband couldn’t leave treats in the house because I couldn’t control myself enough to leave them for him. I had ice cream, chocolate bars and hot chocolate on a daily basis. I was exhausted, heavier than I wanted and feeling like crap from eating crap! This journey has me healing in every area of my life. My sugar addiction has gone down significantly. I rarely have chocolate in a week these days. And if I do, I’m mindfully, un-judging, and joyfully enjoying it. I see how I used food to cope with needs of mine that weren’t being met. Sleep. Movement. Alone time. Adult conversations. Pampering. I love having my kiddos and I wouldn’t change it for the world, however it is the most exhausting, life giving, challenge I’ve ever undertaken. And now i’ve learned the importance of taking care of this amazing body, meeting all of its needs, so I can not only be an amazing mother to my perfect girls, but an amazing role model too. I’m still learning my perfect balance, but I am lighter now than I was before I got pregnant with my first baby. I don’t feel deprived. I feel loved, strong, empowered and unstoppable. Do I slip up? Of course. But instead of downward spiralling into binge town, I know how to pick myself up, dust myself off, give myself a hug and and I love you, and keep on going. Because I’ve learned that I’m worth it. That I deserve it. I matter. How I feel, how my body feels matters. And I am the ONLY one who can affect that. I’d recommend this program to anyone, a hundred times over. It’s changed my life and I’m grateful for it every single day. I’m so grateful I let go of the fear, trusted the process, and ended up on the other side of the river. Where for once, the grass really is greener!

Sarah C.

When I started my 90 day journey I had already lost some weight through different diets & workouts , but I found that my weightloss was slowing down and my energy levels were not consistent. Although i knew what to eat for weight loss I really had no clue and needed to get a good understanding of ‘how’ to eat and why.
Immediately all HCI materials from pillar 1 made perfect sense to me. I found really helpful bringing awareness into how my body reacts to different types of food, how they affect my energy and why these were appropriate for me and my goal ( e.g going through the 4 day energy experiment). This is the great thing about the 90 day journey for me, in that it’s not just a prescription of what you do, it’s a fully formed philosophy of attitude to food, energy and lifestyle that is backed up by research and clear reasoning.
Soon after starting the program I could see the difference in my hunger levels during the day (lower) and energy levels in the gym (higher and more consistent). I’ve learned how to manage my energy needs before my body reacts badly to a lack of energy, which otherwise would lead me to eat whatever I can quickly get my hands on, whether it’s good for me or not.
Now , I’m absolutely confident that I have the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain a healthy weight and high fitness levels into the future.
Health Coaching is not a ‘diet’, it is a complete philosophy on how to relate to food, bodily energy, exercise and your inner needs and attitudes. Just what I needed!


Zhana G.

The 90 day program has helped me in so many ways, not just finding what foods give me energy, but also that I was not putting self care on my priority list at all. Even though I was working out several times per week and eating well, I was neglecting some very important areas of my life. Now powering down, meditating, just being aware of who I am when I am eating has slowed me down. This program has taught me so many valuable lessons from breathing to money management! All in just 90 days. I have reached several goals already and I know I can set and reach so many more!


Staphanie T.

I began this 90 Day Total Transformation program thinking I would breeze on through since neither weight loss nor the subject of food were on my agenda. I felt I was in overall good health but simply wanted more energy and to lose some brain fog and mid afternoon slump.
Then…I discovered which foods were optimal for, “My unique body,” and it made all of the difference. I also found that I was living in chronic low level stress. I didn’t put self care as a high priority and I was a multi tasker, full of busyness.
The coaching I received through this program enabled me to develop stress management skills and a different belief system about food. It was truly amazing to discover that not being overweight meant so little in my overall health.
With my new skill sets in place, I have made lasting changes to my health and well being. I live with my health and self care as a high priority, and my whole family is positively affected.
I now wake up every morning feeling energized and clear, . I have never known my true body/self this completely.
Thank you,

Yolanda R.


I started this program in the middle of chaos in my life. Two of my dogs had passed away my step mother was dying from Parkinson’s disease. Then 3 weeks later my step mother died and my third dog died.
I found doing the skills labs helped me focused on action steps I could do instead of focusing on the heartbreak that was happening inside. This program let me take control in small ways of me when I really felt everything was out of control.
I stopped blaming myself for lack of will power, start d to examine who I was and getting curious about the actions I took. I am still taking ownership of me. I am learning to trust my instincts more in my life and to learn to do things I love to do with the people I love.
I also am accepting that I am a work in progress.


Robin P.