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Asima calls it her “obsession with optimal health and wellbeing”. Her passion to empower every human being with tools to Transform their health, bodies and lives, shaped the path for her to establish “The Art of Health”- a hub that looks beyond nutrition. Asima applies cutting edge psychology, brain science, intuitive listening and habit & mindset change methods by looking at factors beyond nutrition affecting health and lifestyle to help individuals take back control of their lives and live a truly balanced and rewarding life.

Asima’s number ONE passion in life is spreading health knowledge and empowering people with practical tools so they CAN reach their health goals. Asima is an avid advocate of Sympathetic Dominance (SD) Protocol and has incorporated that within all of her Transformation Programs for the clients to achieve far greater results than any other health program currently available in the market. Over the last few years after working with family and friends, Asima realised that so many of us are running in a race to build a thriving and successful career with a busy and fast paced lifestyle, looking after children and always planning on lots of milestones to achieve and endless list of things to do but no room for slowing down or taking a break. So many people are feeling exhausted, overworked and sleep deprived. Yet they push themselves to limits that their body cannot handle and that is why we see so many people being diagnosed with chronic fatigue and other health issues.

Experiencing adrenal fatigues, insomnia and gut issues herself for years, Asima knows exactly what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. Bringing about what she calls “health revolution” into her lifestyle Asima has seen positive results with an incredible breakthrough. Asima has achieved phenomenal health benefits and personal success using her Total Health & Lifestyle Transformation Program that gets to the core of root causes of health problems from a holistic lens. It is designed to rewire the brain and acquire powerful tools to be the Masters of positive change. Asima leads by example, remembering to live life to the fullest and believes that ill-health is merely a stepping stone to help you reclaim your true healthy self. She subscribes passionately to the importance of ‘practitioner heal thyself’ so that she can be the best version of herself and an inspiration for change in others.

Asima’s Qualifications:

  • Asima is a Certified Health Coach – Health Coach Institute Program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)











What is a Health Coach:

  • Helps you build habits that aligns with your vision of health in a structured and supportive partnership with you.
  • Supports you to have a body you want and the lifestyle that supports it.
  • Helps you identify obstacles stopping your or slowing you down and create strategies for forward movement.
  • Stretches you to achieve your dreams you thought were never possible.
  • A Health Coach is the best investment you could make in yourself that lasts a lifetime.

Another very important role of the Health Coach is to work closely with your other practitioners to truly provide you with an Integrative coaching experience. If you have ever been to see a nutritionist, a natureopath, chiropractor or an integrative doctor and gotten a list of things to do until your next visit in 4 or 6 weeks times but you never end up implementing half the action steps and feel like you are spending $$$ seeing these experts who provide you with a wealth of knowledge for implementing positive changes yet when you leave their office, you are left on your own to execute that plan until your next visit – then You will benefit abundance by getting services of a health coach.

What Asima does as Health Coach is bridge that gap between medical recommendations and your abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into your complex life. Asima helps her clients align their health plans with the bigger goals in life and more importantly execute that plan.

Asima work closely with GPs, integrative doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, herbalists and other health and well being experts.

Asima provides her clients the Best Accountability Support that they can get!

Having studied the art and science of habit and mindset change, Asima will help you set up conditions for INEVITABLE SUCCESS, enabling you to achieve real and lasting results.







You are everything that is STRENGHT!!!

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It’s time to CHANGE your health and life journey for the better and BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU! – Say YES!!!


It’s time to acquire what YOU deserve and that is nothing less than the HAPPIEST and MOST VIBRANT YOU! – Say YES!!!


Get in touch and be part of the health movement that Asima is so passionate about. Let’s kick some butt!!! Because at The Art of Health we want you to uplift your health and empower you to live your life to the fullest. With the right system and accountability that Asima guiding you step by step; these programs see Asima’s clients become power-house experts on their bodies.

Inquire about One-On-One Breakthrough Session with Asima that would be on offer from August 2017. Only a handful of these sessions will be made available at certain times of the year at a discounted rate to her The Art of Health Tribe on The Art of Health Facebook page based on first come first serve basis (Valued at $150). Contact Asima to Book for your session.

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