Health Benefits of Epsom Salt and Essential Oils Bath

Most of us take baths once in a while because we find it relaxing and soothing. Little do we know the benefits of Epsom salts that go beyond it’s ability to relieve pain and relax muscles. It’s not only a powerful muscle relaxant, but it also improves our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. It flushes the toxins and harmful heavy metals out of the body and eases muscle pain.

I take warm epsom salt baths every now and then with a few drops of a few handful essential oils. My favourites are Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oils (More on the oils a little bit later). When I am looking for extra aroma, I add green herbs, such as thyme, Rosemary or mint which are good for the skin.
Lately, epsom salt bath pods or tanks have become quite trendy. It is said that spending 45 minutes in those pods just floating with your eyes closed is equivalent to 6 hours of sleep. I have mentioned many a time in my previous blogs that I am insomniac. And after doing further research and reading on sympathetic dominance, I’ve found out that my body never really fully relaxes as its always in in-flight or in-fight response mode. Hence the various health problems along with insomnia that I have experienced and lived with for many years. I find epsom salt bath especially important for me as it’s another way for me to get the magnesium that my body needs.
Magnesium is one of the most powerful elements in our body. It has so many health benefits that it is absolutely vital to include that in our daily diet. So many of us are in deficient in Magnesium and don’t realise how important it is for our health. It is not only good for the prevention of hearth diseases, joint pains, stress and digestive problems but is necessary for the absorption of vitamin D and calcium by our body. And that is why Epsom salt which is rich in magnesium and sulfate is a great way to acquire this essential element. I mentioned in my previous post that skin is the biggest organ in our body and absorbs everything a lot easier than any other organ in our bodies could do. Taking bath in epsom salt allows the body to absorb magnesium directly through the skin. Also to truly enjoy its benefits it is important to add enough epsom salt in your bath. I normally add 1 medium size cup worth of salt in the warm water.
Almost always, I add a few drops of Lavender, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus oil as well in my bath. That is not only calming but each type of essential oil has healing properties.
Lavender is good for dry skin and soothing for the irritated skin. It’s also said to be good for insomniacs due to its calming abilities.
Eucalyptus is good for respiratory problems and for clearing the nasal cavity.
Tee Tree oil is good for infections, scars and itchy/irritated skin
As always, do a skin patch test first to ensure you are not allergic to any of the oils you put in the bath.
Make it a habit of taking warm baths once or twice a week and you will feel the difference and always use certified organic oils. Let me know how you go. If any questions, email me on Look forward to hearing great stories.
Much Love

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