Pilates is the new Black

The key goal of Pilates is to achieve core strength. I firmly believe that when you have strong abdominal muscles, it helps to correct your posture. It helps you stand up right correcting the position of your shoulders and neck. When your posture is correct, it alleviates stress from your spine.

Other Benefits are:

  1. Pilates not only helps to stabilise the core but also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles because of the Pilates exercises incorporate contracting these muscles.
  2. Pilates incorporates stretching exercises; a good Pilates session always starts with stretching that reduces stress on muscles.
  3. Pilates exercises if done correctly put minimal pressor on joints. Very light Pilates exercises are actually very good for the inflamed joints.
  4. Pilates incorporates the art of correct breathing. Just like yoga, in Pilates breathing is methodical that allows you to move per the movement of the body allowing the oxygen to reach every part of your body that results in less sore muscles after the Pilates workout.
  5. Pilates makes sex better because guess what; the muscles you use to contract during sex are the same pelvic floor muscles used in so many Pilates exercise!
  6. As mentioned in point 4 Pilates incorporates breathing correctly. When you need breathe correctly during certain Pilates positions (when to inhale and when to exhale) you concentrate and therefore reduce the mind clutter. When your mind is free of unnecessary “thought noise”, it is healthier and functions better.

It’s time for Pilates session.

Get in touch with me for learning some simple yet powerful core and pelvic exercises.

Love xx

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