Leaky Gut Syndrome


In my previous Blog posts related to Sympathetic Dominance we learnt that when Sympathetic mode of nervous system is active, our immune, reproductive, hormone and digestive systems are suppressed. I firmly believe and have experienced this first hand when it came to my digestive health.

I’ve always been a very active individual. I never had problem falling asleep but I knew that my brain would always run 1000 miles per second with a lot of things in my mind. When I would go to bed, the thoughts would just turn into dreams and I would drift away into sleep. When I would wake up, my brain would resume its run. I know now that I was always running on adrenaline. To top that up, I started eating more of the offending food that my stomach didn’t agree with. This combo for me became a recipe for disaster. My body came crashing down when I started experiencing digestion problems.

I’ve researched a lot on Leaky Gut Syndrome and from personal experience. Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) occurs when gut lining becomes inflamed and fragile. It starts to “leak” partially digested food and waste particles into the blood stream. When there are foreign substances in the blood stream that shouldn’t be there, body’s immune system triggers chemicals from the white cells to protect the affected areas. However, these chemicals not only attack the foreign organisms but also start attacking the other body tissues. This can lead to a lot of the now-known auto-immune diseases.

I developed redness on my face and had inflammation in my blood. I was never diagnosed with LGS but I knew I was on the downhill path and eliminating offending food straight away from my diet, I saw significant improvements within weeks. I cannot begin to imagine, what sort of auto-immune disorder I may have developed had I continued the path of eating destructive food.

It is important to understand that Leaky Gut can affect different functions and/or organs of the body. Different people will show different symptoms. I would highly recommend everyone to read “My Leaky Gut Syndrome” that outlines quite a comprehensive list of LGS symptoms. Once you are aware of these symptoms you can diagnose your health problem correctly with rather than treating the symptoms. Unfortunately, often the approach to resolving LGS related health conditions is to treat the symptoms only. And that’s where a health coach comes in. It’s very important that you seek advise and consultation from a health professional such as health coach. Health coaches not only look at nutrition but also look at health from a holistic point of view taking in account all of lifestyle aspects. I experienced it firsthand myself. I was given drugs to suppress the symptoms while my doctor completely ignored the underlying cause. Fortunately, I had a good health coach and within weeks, I decided not to take any medication and and with the right protocol designed for my new body type I was able to eliminate food from diet that caused my digestion problems. Within 4 weeks I had no inflammation in my blood. Redness on my face disappeared and I wasn’t feeling bloated any longer.

Identifying the foods that are good and foods that are offending for your unique body type is what a good health coach can help you discover through a protocol designed specifically for you. There are blood tests that can be done which you can speak to health care professional about. During the protocol that I designed myself, I followed through in a way I never had before and found out what was causing belching and bloating and along with implementing other protocol elements that I now are part of my 90 Day Today Health & Lifestyle Transformation Program I experienced less bloating, less burping and virtually no acid reflex within a few weeks. AND my energy levels doubled!!!

It’s very important to remember that every person can have a different reaction to same types of food or no reaction at all. It all depends on individual’s lifestyle, eating habits and the level of physical and/or mental stress they are exposed to.


The best approach to treating LGS and other digestive problems is to eating foods that are best for your unique body type. from your diet for period of time with the help of Health Coach or an health profession whole can provide the right guidance, to give your gut time to heal.

Lastly, always remember, good health is a result of not just good diet that agrees with your digestive health, but also a healthy lifestyle and healthy environment we choose to surround ourselves with. I firmly believe that good heath starts with healthy gut and that by improving gut’s health we can reduce the chance of getting many illnesses. I have been able to coach so many of my clients over the last 2 years and the results they experience within a few months are phenomenal. The results speak for themselves and if you follow through with my Program (which by the way you will because I am part cheer leader and part tough love!) you will notice the difference and pleasantly surprised.

Much Love & Light to You

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